Top 3 Things to do to increase website visits this 2023

Things to do to increase website visits this 2022

Now that the holiday season is over, all business owners continue on with the big challenge. How do you amass the digital audience in this time of pandemic?


It has been two tough years since all businesses were immersed in a very uncertain environment, but how do you think your brand adapted? Here are three things you might want to consider.


Budol Technique:  Launch special discounts


No new or groundbreaking products or services? No problem! We both agree that customers (like ourselves) find justification in a purchase that involves discounts.  Take Shopee and Lazada for example.  Their business is highly (if not entirely) anchored on irresistible discounts.


While most brand owners could not afford hiring an influencer just yet, you are very much capable of making your product/service relevant to the pandemic life of consumers through this simple technique.


Brand reveal:  Do a makeover


Let’s face it. Life has become fabulously chaotic nowadays.  It is chaotic because of so many physical-mental-emotional noises that we encounter virtually, but made fabulous because everyone does not have a choice but to deal with the present situation.  As brand owners, you do not want to be obsolete.


Review your brand’s personality and assess if it is still captivating enough to harness attention from the uncharted customer base. Infuse in the brand’s DNA something that will make it look like a NOW-brand. 


Extra mile: Use paid resources


Here’s the tricky part. Facebook has sponsored ads, while Google has Pay-per-click.  These strategies are sure means to tap the market that your competitors may have been enjoying.  Consider using these paid resources to augment your digital platform performance.  


We’ve got a long year ahead.  For optimists, this is a good way to try on any or all of the abovementioned strategies to get the most wanted prize at a time when everyone is only available virtually.


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