Digital Marketing in the Philippines 2023

Pandemic brought more and more people today using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and a bunch of apps compared to the number of people who are watching TV, listening to radio or engaging in any other forms of traditional advertising.

Big brands are funneling their advertising budget to digital marketing due to a lot of obvious advantages that this mode of advertising offers. Below are some of the reasons why you should realign your budget to focus more on digital marketing.


1 Cost

It is a lot cheaper compared to traditional tri-media advertising. A billboard lease in EDSA for example can cost your company somewhere in the vicinity of P300,000.00 to P500,000.00 per month. A 30-second TV commercial costs around P500,000.00 to P800,000.00 and a small image ad in a local newspaper would be somewhere around P20,000.00 to P50,000.00. Some of the big companies spend 4 to 20 Billion pesos yearly on TV ads alone.

Now, compare this to digital marketing: in one of the Google Adwords campaign that we are running, we can get as much as 120,000 impression and around 300 clicks for the price of P500.00. In a Facebook Ads campaign, we got a REACH of 45,000 and a post engagement of 574 for only 450.00.00. That is less than P1 per engagement.


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2 Targeted Audience

At the very least, TV ads give you the option to choose the shows where your ads are shown on but it doesn’t give you a way to accurately define your audience according to age group, gender, job title, location, interests, device, etc. All of these are possible in digital marketing.


3 Re-marketing Capability

This is a great budget saver. Re-marketing allows companies to make sure that site visitors who at one time, visited a website, page, or an app, be reached again and shown the re-marketing content. This means that the advertising money being spent has potentially higher conversion mainly due to the fact that they already showed interest in the advertisers content when they clicked on the ads the first time they saw it.




4 Organic Reach and Post Boosting

Digital Marketing can be very, very cheap and effective. A well planned content can gain good engagement in one day and reach all your target market at a very low cost—sometimes, at absolutely no cost at all!

There are many other obvious advantages of Digital Marketing but you’ll never benefit from it until you use it.

DMark Solutions offers a wide array of digital marketing services so you can leverage on Digital transformation for your business.


Advertising on Facebook predicts that “In 2021, the amount of Facebook users in the Philippines is expected to reach 75.96 million, up from 67.89 million in 2019.”

Almost all computer users nowadays use Facebook to communicate, read news, keep up with the latest, and socialize. Reaching your target audience does not have to be expensive.

We create unique and creative campaigns focused on being true to the needs of the needs of social media users. Our proprietary tools of social network aggregators, analytics and intelligent statistics analysis tell us what people are are currently enjoying and how we can be part of their conversation.


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YouTube Advertising

When your company has a lot of stories to tell, you can maximize the use of the most popular video-sharing platform. The truth is, while videos are very good tools to tell stories, it can complement other marketing strategies.

In fact, most companies who are not keen in spending millions in lengthy TV ads opt to use YouTube to promote full length video advertorials or commercials that they wish to share to the community. If you already saw the YouTube Ads of some of the leading brands, you’d realize the power and advantage that YouTube offers.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC

Lastly, anyone who has access to the internet can use Google or Yahoo to search for products, news, articles, services, and whatever it is that they need to find. According to, there are 44, 478,808 internet users in the Philippines and 97 to 99% of them will be using search engines.

Weather organic SEO, Pay-per-click campaigns, Search Engine Marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool for legitimate brands that wish to promote their products or services, and even values to people who are looking for them.




We are among the first professional SEO Companies in the Philippines. The company started using SEO techniques way back 2005, when SEO was still relatively unheard of.

Since then, the landscape of organic search engine optimization techniques have already changed significantly but DMark Solutions see to it that its approach is aligned with the most recent policies and terms of use that major search engines publish.

We have a team of search engine marketers who evaluate and propose strategies to make sure that your website will find significant movement on search engine results pages.


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