How to turn Facebook fans to paying customers

how to turn your social followers to be a paying customer

Without a doubt, social media is one of the best non-traditional method of promoting your products and services. While these networks make it easy for business to reach out to their potential consumers, it is also the go-to medium for small business who cannot afford corporate websites. And if that’s not easy enough, Facebook is now also equipped with additional features such as ads and promotions so you won’t just rely on word of mouth.

Sure, you have hundreds even thousands of followers and you have great contents to post. But do you ever wonder why your followers do not become paying customers? Here are tips that might just do the trick.


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1. Hold promos to make your crowd excited

It is given that your loyal followers are paying attention on your product promotions. But, some studies claim that 40-50% of people who like Facebook pages to receive discounts or coupons. In a way, you’re giving incentive for those you browse your products and give them a chance to try it for a lower price.

You may also excite your crowd through tiered pricing where the community will work collectively towards one goal. For example: “Help us reach 100,000 page likes and we’ll give away cool prizes to 10 lucky fans!”


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2. Tell a story that relates to your product

Product introductions can sometimes be plain and boring. It only becomes catchy and exciting when you highlight its purpose to everyday life, or all the cool things you can use it for. It is also said that people like and share what they see if they find humor in it. So the next time you introduce your new product, add a dash of fun to your advertisement.



3. Gather customer testimonials

According to a recent Forrester Research report, “70% of US online adults trust brand or product recommendations from friends and family”. Chances are, when people subscribe to your page, they got interested in what they family and friends are saying and not directly on your business. They may not be interested on your promotions, but they want to know what the fuzz is all about, and customer testimonials can help increase the hype.

For a testimonial to generate leads, it must not only say that the product is great, or that it is better than competitor’s. Avoid giving reasons why to buy them. Instead, post testimonials that recognizes how the product solved their problems, how your services made they lives much easier and better. An honest and relatable testimonial is the key.


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It is indeed possible to turn your fans into paying customers; all you need are right strategies to keep people interested. By nature, people love listening to stories as much as they love telling them. So tell your fans a story and they will listen. Show them how your products can help them improve their living and you will gain new loyal customers.