Is staff leasing still a good practice for businesses in the Philippines?

staff leasing in the Philippines

If you want to grow your business while maintaining the risk level, staff leasing is an ideal way to do things.  You can hire essentially any competency under staff leasing in the Philippines.


Capitalize on staff’s diverse expertise

Let’s face it.  Your Human Resources Department might be working double time, but finding the perfect candidate to fill the vacant position remains unfinished. If you are trying to locate professionals with a very specific skill set, you will need an out-of-the-box approach. 


A website developer with extensive WordPress experience and good verbal and written communication skills to develop websites for your business here and abroad; a search engine optimization officer with groundbreaking digital marketing ideas for your brand in Angeles City or wherever in the Philippines; a server administrator to manage your dedicated cloud server.  You can get any or all of those through staff leasing.


These seasoned talents can be difficult to find; you will need staff leasing companies in the Philippines to source talents for your company’s requirements.


Locate companies that offer affordable monthly fees

It feels good to transact with a company that offers utmost flexibility in all possible areas.  Is that even possible?  Of course!  There are few staff leasing companies in the Philippines that provide high caliber talents at a fraction of cost.  Also, scout for a provider who knows how to offer leniencies to the client.  Imagine being able to work with an external firm that treats you like an extended department of their own team.


staff leasing cost effectivity


DMark Digital Solutions has been supplying top talents to digital marketing firms in the Philippines, Australia, and United Kingdom.  DMark has its own domain and hosting arm that autonomously operate and transact with top government agencies in the Philippines as well as private corporations.  Now, that’s the best you can get across everything digital.


Outsourced Services for Companies in the Philippines

DMark is your talent provider for website development, multimedia development, digital marketing, and domain/hosting requirements.

  1. Outsourced WordPress Website Developer
  2. Staff Leasing Animator
  3. Staff Leasing Multimedia Content Creator
  4. Staff Leasing Search Engine Optimization Manager
  5. Staff Leasing Social Media Manager
  6. Hourly SEO
  7. Social Media Content Production