SEO Philippines – What to Expect?

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The Internet is an extremely challenging place for businesses nowadays.  While it provides several opportunities for business growth, a business owner needs to have a complete set of digital marketing strategies to tap customers in the Philippines and even abroad.  Google Search Optimization or SEO is one of the strategies for businesses in the Philippines.  We’re here to help!


SEO Goals

  1. To Improve website visibility on Google Search to improve traffic
  2. To build sustainable long-term natural search rankings
  3. To provide organic traffic and keep your website in top position


Expected Results

  1. Higher Keyword Position
  2. Increase in Organic Traffic


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Scope of Work

Technical SEO

  1. Indexation
  2. 301 – 302 Redirects
  3. Robot.txt implementation
  4. Sitemap.xml implementation
  5. URL optimization
  6. Image optimization
  7. Pages with 404 errors


On-site Optimization

  1. Keyword Research 
  2. Home page optimization
  3. Content optimization
  4. Meta Title optimization
  5. Meta Description optimization
  6. Heading tag optimization
  7. Alt tags implementation
  8. Keywords placement



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Off-site Optimization

  1. Backlinks generation
  2. Blog commenting
  3. Forum participation
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Image sharing
  7. Content Writing and Production


Reporting and Data Analysis

  1. Monthly Report
  2. Google Webmaster Setup and Configuration
  3. Google Analytics Setup and Configuration


See detailed deliverables list here.





First Month: 

  • Focuses on Technical SEO and On-Page SEO, while doing research for blog writing
  • Expected Results:
    • Initial keyword rankings
    • Setting up of Google Tools
    • Implementation of Meta tags
    • Increase in indexing coverage


Second Month: 

  • Monitoring of Technical SEO implementations
  • Start of Off-page SEO activities
  • Working on the remaining On-page action items
  • Expected Results:
    • Little movement on keyword rankings, preferably 50% of keywords are visible on Google’s Top 100 Search Results
    • Google Tools Data flooding in
    • Starting of backlink activities
    • Increase in indexing coverage


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Third Month: 

  • Monitoring of Technical SEO implementations
  • Continuous Off-page SEO activities
  • Expected Results:
    • Gradual upward movement on keyword rankings. Expectations of ranking fluctuations on some keywords
    • Increase in indexing coverage
    • Organic Traffic increasing minimally


Fourth Month and Onwards

  • Monitoring of Technical SEO implementations. Necessary updates will be done.
  • Continuous Off-page SEO activities
  • Quarterly On-page Audit. Necessary updates will be done.
  • Expected Results:
    • Gradual upward movement on keyword rankings
      • 6th month: the expectation is that more than 50% of keywords were on the first three (3) pages of Google Search Results
      • 9th month: the expectation is that more than 70% of keywords were on the first three (3) pages of Google Search Results. And there should be couple of keywords landing on first (1) page
      • 12th month: the expectation is that the keywords were on the first three (3) pages of Google Search Results. And there should be more keywords landing on first (1) page
      • 13th month onwards: Rankings should be stable and one by one, keywords were climbing up at least on the second (2) page
    • Increase in indexing coverage (that all pages were known to Google)
    • Organic Traffic increase (from Google Analytics data)
    • Increase in Organic clicks & impressions (from Google Search Console data)



  1. Rankings will fluctuate every time Google updates its Search Algorithm. That being said, expectations might not be met. 
  2. Season affects search behavior and search demands. The website might have high rankings but experience no increase in organic traffic as such months. This might happen if the rankings are high and the impressions are low in numbers. 
  3. Keywords may be revisited and modified in the middle of the campaign depending on many factors.



Search Engine Optimization Creates Brand Awareness


Are you a new entrant in the digital space? Or perhaps a brand that wants to perform better than your stiffest competition. Whatever the current status of your brand is, a Search Engine Optimization is the key to creating brand awareness because in today’s marketplace, a brand is inexistent if no traces of its identity can be found in the very vast space of the Internet.

Employing SEO in the Philippines can help a brand tap its unprecedented marketspace. Let’s talk about how we can improve your brand’s ranking in the online world and take it further to reach your newer audiences. We’re ready to explain to you the roadmap. We look forward to hearing from you today!


For further reading: SEO Terms & Conditions


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