The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing: Generation Z

Generation Z are already coming of age, with a huge number of them now graduating from school and entering the workforce.


The Gen Zers are projected to make up a large part of the consumer population in the next few years, it is high-time for digital marketers to take notice of them.


With that said, let’s get to know more of this tech-savvy generation and why it is considered the next big thing in digital marketing.


What is Generation Z?


Generation Z, as the Oxford’s Dictionary defines it, is “the generation reaching adulthood in the second decade of the 21st century, perceived as being familiar with the internet from a very young age.”


Born in 1995 or later, Gen Zers are generally described as the first truest digitally native generation, growing up with smartphones and other devices. They are known for their multifaceted approach to social media, sharing certain types of content on particular platforms. However, they are also a very private generation, preferring incognito platforms such as Snapchat, Secret, and Whisper.


Gen Zers are also do-gooders. They like to volunteer and would want for their jobs to impact the world. They are also concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet.


Generation Z are also fast-movers and independent. They embrace diversity, having been raised in a more peaceful and more socially accepting environment. But most importantly for digital marketers, Gen Zers are brand-aware.


Why Generation Z is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing?


As previously stated, the oldest of Generation Z is already entering the workforce.


With a steady annual salary on their way, Gen Zers will soon have the spending power that can match or even exceed their predecessors. This presents a great opportunity for digital marketers who want to achieve marketing success.


Generation Z has unique quirks that affect their purchasing decisions.


Being tech and social media-savvy, they are another perfect target to market your products and services. Growing in a lazy age where everything is delivered to your front door, this generation is unsurprisingly shopping-savvy—easily a group of people businesses would love to reach, through social media or outside of it.


Indeed, Gen Zers would soon dictate the new wave of products and services that brands should offer.



Strategies to Reach Generation Z


Now that you know how Generation Z will impact businesses and brands in the near future, it is time to establish marketing strategies to better reach your target audience.


To give you a head start, here are some strategies based on Gen Zers’ characteristics that you can apply in your marketing campaigns.


  • Establish solid brand values. Generation Z tends to identify based on their personal core values, thus, brands are encouraged to establish strong core values that they can share with their audience. As do-gooders, Gen Zers also care more about the brand’s contribution to the local community, and brands should highlight these when targeting this demographic.


  • Optimize for mobile. Gen Zers literally haven’t lived a life without smartphones and gadgets that’s why it is important that you prioritize mobile devices on your marketing strategy. If you want to drive this demographic to your website, make sure you give them a flawless experience. Besides, some social media platforms like Snapchat can only be accessed on mobile, which leads us to our next point.


  • Shift focus from Facebook to other social platforms. Records show that more than 25% of Gen Zers in the US age 13-15 have left Facebook since 2013. Although there are still a ton of Facebook users out there, digital marketers are encouraged to focus their marketing efforts on social platforms where this generation thrives. Master the art of Snapchat, maximize the use of Instagram stories and create contents for YouTube to target this specific audience.


  • Encourage entrepreneurship. Gen Zers are believed to be highly entrepreneurial, and they aspire to build their own businesses soon. You can use this to your advantage by identifying with their aspirations and sharing your own personal experience on how you started your business through a medium where free exchange of ideas is not only encouraged, but is the norm.


  • Promote diversity. Generation Z has embraced diversity, therefore, brands should celebrate cultural, social, and ethnic diversity to attract this group of people.


Generation Z and Your Business

Undoubtedly, Generation Z is a force brands and businesses should reckon with. With the older of the Gen Zers joining the workforce—and soon, the buying population—, it is only but important that your business studies the generation if you want to achieve success in the near future.