The Peak of Marketing Prowess: The Era of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

digital marketing analysis

While mainstream advertising through television, radio and print ads remains part of the daily life of most Filipinos, there is no doubt in saying that mainstream advertising has a competitor that is hard to beat even when all the three are combined.


Advertising and marketing though social media, especially in the Philippines, has been proving itself as a reckoning force in terms of information dissemination, reputation building and people engagement.


For this reason alone, most companies would not think twice venturing into social media marketing, to the extent that they would do digital marketing outsourcing in the Philippines. A company in Makati, for example, would prefer engaging outsourced digital marketing services for their social media marketing; doing so outweighs the perceived con.




 In having an outsourced digital marketing in the Philippines, a company maybe assured of the following benefits:


  1. A team solely dedicated to strategizing, planning, executing and monitoring social media marketing branding.
  2. The means by which the return of investment could be part of the discussion with the outsourced team, where set targets and milestones may be set that would also serve as benchmarks for success.
  3. Key personnel in the company may focus on core functions given that social media engagement is left to the hands of the experts in the field.
  4. With the implementation of R.A. 11165 providing for telecommuting for digital industries, one is assured that regardless of location of the outsourced team, someone is monitoring the company’s social media account.
  5. Physical meetings which consume time and resources could be limited if not totally eliminated as, in connection to the preceding item, things could be done remotely through readily available digital communication channels. A company in Makati could easily get in-touch with a social media marketing company somewhere else in the Philippines.
  6. Having an outsourced digital marketing team in the Philippines lessens the administrative burden for the company in terms of attendance monitoring, resource allocation, payroll and employee discipline.




If there is any disadvantage that maybe pointed-out in outsourcing digital marketing in the Philippines, it would be the lack of control as defined by the Labor Code of the Philippines which exists when there is an employer-employee relationship.


This means the sourcing party has limited regulation over the means and method by which work is accomplished. This, nevertheless, could be remedied by stipulating clearly in the agreement the scope of duties and responsibilities that the social media marketing team in the Philippines would have without necessarily forming an employer-employee relationship.


While this article may seem one-sided given that the con it has presented is not exhaustive, the point is this: digital advertising and marketing through social media has now become the rule of any investment geared towards maximization.


With people diving deeper into digitization, there is no doubt that social media marketing takes center stage among other media, more so in a country that is claimant to the title of being the social media capital of the world.