TikTok is NOT an effective tool for Your Business until You Understand this!

Enjoying its infancy stages, TikTok is poised to achieve greater feats and so does your brand,. Before we talk about TikTok ads cost, advertising strategy, and business marketing, let us review important guidelines regarding the use of this platform.


TitTok Content Should be Entertaining, then Informative

When drafting your TikTok advertising strategy plan, always give premium to the type of contents that you will upload on your account. And since this community is here to get entertained (mostly), your brand content should be aimed at piquing the interest of your targeted audience and then making them fall for the brand, and then making them part of your community.


@crisostomos_pampangaNew York Cheesecake for your Valentine’s date.

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Build a Solid Community from Scratch

Starting the brand’s TikTok account is perhaps the most challenging part of every business marketing plan. It will definitely start with very limited engagements from total strangers. And from these seemingly sad times can you derive information as to what contents they appreciate the most. It’s okay to start with a really small, but solid community of people who will see the value in your brand. The trial and error method will help you master the game.


Identify Submarkets to Reach out to

Folgers is one of the coffee brands that initially targeted the older demographics, but as soon as they realized that the market is rather depleting they decided to reach out to the younger masses. This entailed changes in messaging to ensure that the brand speaks with the targeted audience using the language that they are accustomed to. A financial institution, for example, that is dedicated to people in service such as policemen should not only focus on this primary market. They should also reach out to the sons/daughters or relatives of retirees. This approach, however, makes the process of content creation all the more challenging.


tiktok for business marketing


The general guideline should be the content’s level of entertainment value. From the millions of TikTok social media campaigns out there, we will see the commonality in implementing advertising strategy for TikTok: ENTERTAIN FIRST, then inform.


Unlike other suggestions to invest thousands of pesos on TikTok social media campaigns right away, we deem it more practical to try this platform without shelling out much yet. Creativity beats common constraints.


Let’s talk about how you can produce contents.


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