Why a WordPress CMS is Perfect for New Website Owners this Pandemic

Why a WordPress CMS is Perfect for New Website Owners this Pandemic

When a business owner wants a website, most often than not, he thinks of how he would want it to look and what function he would want the website to do. It’s only after a website is turned over to him—designs, functions, and all—will he realize that maintaining and updating a website requires that you login and make update from the back end.


This means that, more or less, you have to access it in the way your developer did. The thing is, not all business owners are knowledgeable nor even familiar with coding and programming and that’s where a CMS comes in to play.


A CMS or a content management system is a platform that lets end-users edit their website without needing to access its hard code.


Put simply, it’s an interface that simplifies the website modification process. You can compare it to editing a photo. When you edit a photo’s hard code, it like running it through an manual editing software like Adobe Photoshop™ to get increase the lighting and maybe change the tone. You can do the same thing but to a more limited degree by running the photo through an app like Snapsee or VSCO, and that’s how technically a CMS works.


To date, there are 3 CMS platforms that are popular namely WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.


WordPress is the most popular and widely used of the 3 because aside from being an open source platform, it also has many other advantages that make it perfect for first time website owners such as:


Requiring Little to No Programming Experience


WordPress, as a CMS is very user friendly. It’s easy to navigate through regardless of level of experience in website development.


If you are developing a website on your own and are not familiar with the ins and outs of development, WordPress CMS lets you develop and customize your website—content, photos, and plugins are easy to upload and implement. There are also themes that you can use so you can develop website quicker.


Another good thing about WordPress CMS is that, because it’s open source and very popular, there are many resources that discuss working through and around the platform so you can always find answers in case you come across a road block on something that you want to implement.


Even if it’s made with ease of use in mind, users who are more familiar with development can also do more with a WordPress website.


Optimizing for Search Engines is No Problem


WordPress used to be the best CMS to use for websites that need Search Engine Optimization or SEO but eventually, other CMS platforms caught up to also be SEO ready and SEO friendly. Be that as it may, it doesn’t change the fact that optimizing is easier in WordPress.


The CMS is compatible with more SEO tools as well as plugins. Aside from that, sharing access to the CMS is easy to doing SEO as a team is easier as well.


Being Completely Free


The best reason to choose WordPress is it’s free. You can develop and manage your website easily right now if you do so choose. Of course, when it comes to customizability of your website, you either have to learn development on your own or avail of premium services from WordPress with are also affordable on their own.


Whether you are a freelancer, a blogger, a business owner, or just want a personal website for whatever reason, a WordPress CMS will make managing and editing easier for you especially if you’re a first time website owner.


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