Why Digital Marketing Services Will Boost Businesses this Pandemic

There’s tough competition when managing a business online, and in the Philippines, the number of businesses that are embracing the power of the Internet is ever growing with their expansion going beyond borders.


Reaching out to potential customers has never been easier and that convenience is also available to your competition. For your business to thrive, you’ve got to invest in digital marketing services to put your brand on the map and gain a competitive edge.


Based on Hootsuite’s statistics, the Philippines has:

  • A population of 7 million people.
  • 67 million internet and social media users.
  • A contribution of 2% in the number of active social media users globally.
  • A rank of #1 for the amount of time spent on social media at 7 hours per day.


Locally, that’s a whole lot of opportunities to make your business reach the millions of users with social media alone.


What more if you could reach the 4.021 billion internet users around the globe using different digital marketing strategies?


With the power of digital marketing, you can also extend your services not just in the Philippines, but also globally without spending too much on campaign efforts.



What is Digital Marketing?


To quote Neil Patel:

“Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involve electronic devices.”


Therefore, digital marketing can be done through offline and online marketing. Offline marketing makes use of radios, telephones, and even electronic billboards which can be expensive; while online marketing is far more efficient and cost-effective.


Online marketing is a set of methods that promote products and services and it has different digital marketing services which are:


  • Content Marketing – Deals with the constant production of relevant and engaging content.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Provides search engine visibility through organic means.
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) – Provides search visibility through paid advertisements.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – A combination of both SEO and PPC methods.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Utilizes social networking platforms as a marketing tool.


The Digital Marketing Process


To explain all of it in a briefly and cohesively, these services can’t be executed effectively without good content in your website.


And through content marketing, you’ll be able to make your website stand out by filling it with relevant, high quality, and up-to-date information that will build a strong relationship with your target audience and influence their decision to patronize your brand.


Once your website has great content and ready to wow your audience, you can increase your brand exposure and customer reach with Search Engine Marketing (or with Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click advertising separately) via Google or Bing; and Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


These digital marketing services can be employed all at once or, depending on your needs, can be applied as stand alone campaigns.


Upon doing so, your business in the Philippines can attract and convert customers more effectively anytime, anywhere.