Client : Eyewear brand

Scope : SEO, SMM, Website Development & Maintenance

Brief: Eyewear brand client has been DMarkified since 2013. 

We managed the continuous growth of their Facebook community from 100,000 to more than 500,000-strong. 

We developed the consultative tradition because of this account, serving them from website development, to social media marketing and search engine marketing.


Client : SLAI

Scope : SEO, SMM, Website Development & Maintenance

Brief: Financial institution brand has been experiencing a quick turnaround for content creation and ads management since 2019.

This campaign offers an exciting challenge because the targeted audience are very specific, i.e. public safety officers and their family members. Regardless, the social media community continues to grow exponentially with strong connections among members.


Client : Technological gadget brand

Scope : Social Media Management

Brief : Gadget brand offers a multitude of products from hardware peripherals to cellphones and accessories. 

DMark instituted a systematic approach in content creation with the goal of making the brand a top choice from a highly saturated marketplace. 

Aside from answering their clients’ queries through their Facebook page, we continue  to provide a well thought content plan on a monthly basis along with other recommendations.



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