The Importance of User Intent in Your Content Marketing Strategy

In this digital age where millions of content are being published daily, how is your content going to stand out? In the Philippines alone, 57% of online businesses have a blog to promote their products, making the competition stiffer. Then, there is this study by Moz and BuzzSumo slapping you with the hard truth that […]

This Digital Marketing Channel Has the Highest ROI according to Websites Owners

On July 23, 2018, Search Engine Journal conducted a poll asking its Twitter audience “Which #DigitalMarketing channel has the highest ROI for your website? #SEJSurveySays”   Which #DigitalMarketing channel has the highest ROI for your website? #SEJSurveySays — SearchEngineJournal® (@sejournal) July 23, 2018   According to the poll 49 % of the respondents said that […]

Winnable Tips to Save Your Blog From Certain Doom

Upon your initial research on content marketing, you learned that blogging for your business can get your brand found in search and social media. This for you could be the key to get your startup business known in the Philippines, so without further ado, you created a blog page on your website. You wrote your […]

Google Reiterates Whats Considered Low Quality Content

Google recently updated its Quality Rater Guidelines which includes new information about assessing content as well as pages that can be considered low quality or sub par. The Quality Rater Guidelines are very extensive guidelines for the manual quality inspection of websites that Google issues to Search Quality Evaluators or more commonly called raters, who […]

Types of Content that Most Effectively Attracts Online Visitors

Content is a vital part of SEO and Social Media Marketing campaigns. However, producing and distributing valuable and high-quality content is not an easy task to accomplish especially now that we’re in the age of content explosion—content distribution is faster, easier, more convenient, and can be done in multiple mediums.   What more difficult to […]