How to optimize your Mobile App in App Store?

mobile app optimization

From the millions of apps available in App Stores, how you would ensure that your app will be visible on the searchers and gain downloads? This will be the first problem of your app after getting approved on App Stores.

In order to for users to find your app and for your app to get downloads, it needs to stands out. It is a good thing if the app is listed on Editor’s Choices or part of Top 10.

ASO or App Store Optimization can help your app become discoverable on App Stores.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is also known as Mobile App SEO and App Store Marketing. ASO focuses to improve app’s visibility in the app stores’ search engine (Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store).

Just like typical SEO, the goal of ASO is to gain traffic and lead a searcher to action by downloading the app.

Why your app need ASO?

According to Forrester, 63% of downloaded apps are discovered through App Store. And you are wasting your chances to be discovered and downloaded if you aren’t using ASO on your new mobile app.


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How to start?

Keyword Research

Keywords are also important in ASO. These will serve as keys to gain more traffic and downloads in the App Store. Knowing your audience will help to identify the right keywords against thousands of other apps similar to yours.

App Title or Name

Your app name should contain the keywords you target. This text will give better chances to gain ranking on app store search results. Keep in mind that only 25 characters get displayed; create a good app title that also covers your keywords.

App Description

Description will give the searchers the right idea of what kind of app you’re offering. It’s your chance to discuss why they should download it. It is important to insert important keywords on your description. The reasons are:

  • Google Play’s algorithm reads the description of an app as one criteria for ranking up on search results. It means if bots see a related keyword on your description, your app has a chance to rank on searcher queries.
  • Apple’s App Store shows only the first five lines of an app description.  This means your iOS app description must be captivating that can attracts users to download the app. Additionally, on the latest App Store, editors are giving privilege to the app have a good quality description which can result good standing.


Your app icon will give the first impression to your audience what your app is. The icon must be unique to stands out.

Screenshots and Video Preview

Screenshots will be the candy for your users eyes, it may not affect your ranking but it can drive downloads. Images will allow your audience to imagine what your app looks like before they make a download.


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