DMark Solutions SEO Terms and Conditions’ Summary: General Points


1. Client understands and agrees that this Agreement will commence on the effective Date and will continue in effect for a term of _________ months. Thereafter, this Agreement will automatically renew annually unless otherwise requested by either party in writing at least 30 days prior to the renewal date.

2. Client understands and agrees that after the first renewal, either party may terminate this Agreement by providing notice to the other party in writing, with termination to take effect 30 days thereafter.

3. Client understands and agrees that prompt communication of Client’s opinions, specifications, and design criteria is necessary for DMark Solutions to complete its work. As such, the client will make best efforts to provide such information to DMark Solutions in a timely fashion.

4. Client understands and agrees that untimely furnishing of such information to DMark Solutions may delay project completion beyond the schedule initially anticipated by the parties. Client will hold DMark Solutions harmless for any delay in project completion arising out of Client’s failure to furnish information required by DMark Solutions on a timely basis.

5. Client understands and agrees that all necessary information to be provided by the Client should be submitted through any of the following:  A. through the email address designated by DMark Solutions; B. through group messaging channels; or C. through a scheduled meeting or phone call. For the sake of clarity: DMark Solutions does not consider any information, or request that Client sends via alternative means, included but not limited to, text messages, voice mails, or impromptu calls.

6. Client understands and agrees that Client will pay DMark Solutions the SEO Fee, on or before the ______ day of each calendar month. Submission of all invoices will be via electronic mail to Client’s email address as provided by Client in the Subscription Form or as Client may otherwise designate to DMark Solutions in writing.

7. Client understands and agrees that if Client fails to make payment by the due date, DMark Solutions may suspend ongoing work for Client until such time that full payment of the outstanding balance has been received.

8. Client understands and agrees that SEO is an ongoing effort and ranking results are a progressive process most times not evident in the first few months.

9. Client understands and agrees that Google and search engines rankings depend on a case-by-case basis defined by Clients’ niche and competition.

10. Client understands and agrees that SEO efforts do not guarantee a fast top ranking of Client’s website. Such top ranking will be the result of a critical mass of SEO efforts, the level of competition in the Client’s niche and Google changing algorithms.

11. Client understands that Client’s website rankings due to SEO efforts tend to be lasting even after SEO efforts have ceased.