Content Marketing

That sounds easy enough!

It does sound easy if you think that all you have to do is make and post blog articles with keywords in them and you’ll be good to go. But when you come from the perspective of having to make sentences that matter, graphics that engage, and videos that bring something new to the internet table, you’d think twice about how easy it is. Content marketing is the soul of internet marketing and its main concern is to market and at the same time elevate words, colors, and images.


From a very technical perspective, content marketing, especially for SEO, is just a matter of computing for the optimum number of words and keyword density to make it a relatively “good” article for search engines to crawl. The same can’t be easily said for Social Media and definitely not for website contents, and collateral, marketing and selling materials.

That does sound pretty complicated…

It doesn’t have to! It’s not supposed to be easy but it also is not supposed to be hard! How we make content marketing work so well is by having the right balance of technicality and creativity. At DMark Solution, we do content marketing under three rules: Content is King, always make content with the audience in mind, and always make content that is unique and relevant.