Online Reputation Marketing

I'm not very familiar...

That’s because DMark is one of the few providers of online brand and business reputation management in the Philippines. ORM or Online reputation management might sound political but truth of the matter is, not everyone gets fair share of a good reputation to precede them—that’s where online reputation management comes in.


ORM is the honest man’s way of getting back the trust that he deserves; we take what is true and make it so that it becomes the information that is known and reflexively bring down information on the internet that taints the brand that you are protecting. It isn’t as simple as propaganda, it’s actual brand redemption.

So you can help make my brand look good?

Brands are supposed to be good to begin with and here at DMark, if you have something good, we’ll make it be seen because it will help make the internet one brand better. We focus on holistic and educative methods to build your brand up suppress and manage unnecessary and untrue claims that have proliferated about your brand that your public has made for it. Especially in a world where information is easily offered through the internet, your reputation will precede you so make your reputation a good one with online brand and identity management. If your IDENTITY can make a good IMPACT on the internet, it deserves its share of CREDIBILITY.