Social Media Marketing

Is that like the Facebook thing?


Well, a little but not all of it. Social Media Marketing is so much more than just posting photos of your trip or sharing strong opinion with posts—social media marketing, as the word “social” implies, is about dialogue. Social media marketing focuses on creating a community by reflecting the brand’s ideas and ideals more than shoving its products on the users’ newsfeeds. The community created will facilitate dialogue, forwarding not only your brand’s products and services, but your brand’s principles and core values as well.


Facebook has been offering paid advertisements for business pages for a couple of years now and just this year, Twitter and Instagram has followed suit—not only are these platforms making it easier for businesses to grow, they make it so that only legitimate brands get the virility and following that they deserve.


That sounds easy! So why would we need your help?


Because easy is relative: it’s easy to post photos and statuses, or tweet time and again, but to make it so that every tweet, status, and photo is a reflection of your brand is not. One study has shown that face-value marketing has steadily failed to convert into sales mostly because engagement and brand trust is a bigger key to selling than in-your-face product placement. But how exactly do you solve that kind of dilemma?

We at DMark don’t only offer social media management, we offer ideas marketing. We are trying to revolutionize social media marketing in the Philippines and actively build your online social media values. We want to protect and proliferate those values to build you a solid personal brand that you can call your own and that users can call their “Friend”. We want to ensure that every like, share and comment count. Let your principles be heard. We assure that your IDENTITY with generated IMPACT will yield a budding COMMUNITY of online supporters.