• Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies and top government agencies
  • More than 8 years in the digital marketing and solutions business!
  • Legally registered Corporation
  • Cream of the crop and well trained staff
  • Happy employees, very low attrition rate, less stressful suburb-like location
  • Rock solid management, belongs to conglomerate of four profitable companies
  • More than 500 sqms. combined office space in two separate business districts
  • Lower overhead expense which translates to lower outsourcing cost
  • Huge pool of talents makes it easier to scale up very quickly


Dedicated Virtual Team

An outsourced web design, mobile apps development or SEO team are typically composed of two or more dedicated or combination of dedicated and ad-hoc outsourced staff working in concert like your next room in-house Web Department.

Your web team is fully supervised by us but reports directly to you!

Your team will be housed in a room dedicated only for your virtual web team where online video conferencing workstation is available during agreed business hours. It’s like working talking to your team through next room Window.

Depending on the size of your outsourced web team, can adjust the team’s reporting time to your timezone, adapt your country’s holidays and adjust service level agreement to meet your customer’s demands. In days when staff needs to take a day off or go on vacation, your staff can be substituted by an equally competent staff.

A typical small web team would be composed of project manager, web programmer, web designer, graphic artist, SEO staff, data entry staff.

On the average, you can get a team composed of six staff for the cost of what you would pay a web programmer in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Canada and other industrialized countries or regions.

Dedicated Staff Leasing

Some companies can easily be paralyzed by sudden surge of projects that in-house staff begin to wish that you have lesser clients.

We understand how difficult it is to scale up your in-house team because of the high cost of recruiting new employees, expanding office space and buying additional workstation and software licenses. During these times of economic uncertainties, offshore staff leasing to a dependable company is the most practical approach.

On staff leasing approach, you outsource a staff on a month-by-month arrangement.

A use case would be to get a staff for the month, have two more staff next month and terminate the lease after two months. Never worry another day with a staff who needs to call in sick or needs to take  a vacation.

It’s pretty much how pay-per-use cloud technology works. Pay as you go! That’s DMark Solutions hassle free, maximum flexibility staff leasing.

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