Types of Content that Most Effectively Attracts Online Visitors

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Types of Content that Most Effectively Attracts Online Visitors

Content is a vital part of SEO and Social Media Marketing campaigns. However, producing and distributing valuable and high-quality content is not an easy task to accomplish especially now that we’re in the age of content explosion—content distribution is faster, easier, more convenient, and can be done in multiple mediums.


What more difficult to decide of is what kind of content will work for you. What content will drive you the most traffic? What piece will give you the optimum visitors you desire?


On June 17, 2018, Search Engine Journal conducted an online survey to know what type of content attracts the most traffic. According to their Twitter sample, the written content is the most effective type, followed by video content and visual content. Interestingly, none of the respondents found success in using audio content:


1. 40.4 % of respondents go for Written or Textual Content

2. 34.4 % goes for Video Content

3. 25.3 % for Visual Content

4. 0 % found no success in using Audio Content



Image source: searchenginejournal.com


Knowing these results will help us work on content more accurately and have better targeting accuracy. These give us concrete ideas about what format works, what content type can be change, and other ideas that will help us avoid future content mistakes.


If these formats worked for them, chances are they will work for you too!


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